dO we haVe to CRy whEN wE miSs pEopL3?


Hot Fashion Designs by Men

Heya! :D

ToNigHt is the NigHt! Check out some of these hot designs tHat would sUiT your mOoD from DaMar Collections. :D


 ~ Sexy Chauffeur ~  

 ~ Just Got Out From Prison ~

The concept of these designs were made by David P. and Marvin D. Guess which design belongs to David, and Marvin, and why.  Enjoy choosing! :D

Me3t tHe PrIncIpaL

Since I  was able to post a new school unaform dezign, I made some PrinziPaL outfit too. Check this out.

Who wouldn't dare let the day pass without giving proper courtesy to our principal?:D



Like it? LuV IT!!! ^_^

**Photos from my account in

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